Board of Programmers

BOP large group picture at an event

What is BOP?

The Board of Programmers is a student- run organization that plans a majority of the events at Providence College. We are made up of ten committees and an executive board, each geared toward planning a variety of events to meet every student’s interests. Committees include entertainment, fine arts, travel, social, etc. We organize and sponsor some of PC’s biggest and most popular events, including Clam Jam and the Spring Concert as well as 15-20 other on and off-campus events each month. These include Tuesday Timeouts, lectures, and films to name a few. The Board of Programmers’ goal is to enrich your immersion in the PC community by bringing you the most fun and diverse events to make the most of your four years at Providence College. Come stop by our office anytime in Lower Slavin 12 across from McPhail’s! We plan for you!

Frequent Bopper Card Description

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get prizes! This card, conveniently sized to fit in your wallet, gives you an opportunity to stack up prizes just by attending any BOP events! Every event you attend, you get a stamp on your card. When you finished all the stamps on your card you get a prize! But it doesn’t end there; you can keep filling up an unlimited amount of cards because each one earns you a raffle ticket to win a large prize at the end of the year! Don’t forget to bring your very own frequent bopper card to all of our events!

Recruitment Process

  1. Attend our informational coffeehouse in the middle of spring semester.  Here, you’ll learn more about the organization of BOP, the different committees, and the application process itself.  Members will be present to meet and offer advice following a brief presentation.
  2. Submit your application to the BOP Office. The application is full of opportunities to demonstrate creativity, dedication, and work ethic.
  3. Group interview signups will take place when application is submitted.  Group interviews are with three other applicants with a few current board members as interviewers.
  4. Final individual interviews take place with the future executive board.  The future executive board makes the final selection once all of the individual interviews have been completed.  Typically, about 20 new members are selected.

Enrichment Opportunities (Reasons to Join)

  • Personal development: BOP offers an opportunity for you to better yourself and improve your knowledge of how much work goes into planning and marketing events.  This will prepare you for future plans and work opportunities in life.  Not only will it prepare you for the professional world but also improve your knowledge of everyday life.  It will dramatically improve your public speaking skills, leadership qualities, and help you work more efficiently in groups.
  • Conferences (NACA): NACA is an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge and get entertained in the process!  Every year, BOP is provided with the opportunity to attend this conference that brings together all different programming boards from various schools.  You get to see and book different acts including various singers, DJ’s, comedians, magicians, etc.  There is also a large selection of educational sessions in which you can improve your programming skills and gain knowledge from different schools of how they program where they’re from!  It’s a chance to expand and grow and also show off the success of our school as well!
  • Retreat: Retreat is a chance for board bonding that takes place once a year for a weekend.  It is an opportunity for every member to appreciate each other and acknowledge what each person does for each other.  After retreat, you have gotten to know your board members much better and become significantly closer to each person.

The Board of Programmers is advised by the Office of Student Activities & Cultural Programming