Slavin Information Ticket Office

Slavin Center Upper Lobby

Phone: 401-865-2444 (General Information)

Hours:  8:30am-11pm Monday-Friday, 9:30am-11pm Saturday-Saturday

The Slavin Center Information Ticket Office serves members of the Providence College community and visitors to our campus.  In addition to selling tickets to campus activities and acting as a resource for visitors to campus, the Slavin Info Ticket Office…

  • Loans out Wii supplies and games
  • Takes delivery of all perishable deliveries (including flowers, Edible Arrangements, etc.) for students.  The student is contacted as soon as the delivery arrives.
  • Assists in accessing information regarding buses, trains, taxicabs, and the campus shuttle.  Information also available on the PC Transportation page of our website.

Ticket Sales Request Form:  For clubs and organizations wishing to sell tickets for an event, please fill out the online Ticket Sales Request Form.