Board of Programmers Committees

The Board of Programmers is made up of ten committees and an executive committee which are listed below.  As you browse through the individual committee pages, you will read about what each committee is responsible for and what their goals are.  Each committee has a different mission and focus regarding the types of events that are planned to provide the student body with a well-rounded co-curricular experience.

  • Executive Committee: The Board of Programmers Executive Committee oversees the planning and execution of all the events put on by the Board of Programmers.  Our role as Executive Members is three-fold:  guiding, connecting, and providing for the future of BOP. As a committee, we act as mentors to Board members throughout the planning process, serving as a resource for information and fostering creativity.  We provide a bridge between administration and the Board to ensure that we are following programming procedures in order to make our members’ ideas a reality and our events a success.  We also maintain constant contact with other club executives on campus to facilitate collaboration in the form of co-sponsorships.  Our Committee encourages our members to hone their leadership skills by taking advantage of structured opportunities and investing their time, talent, and energy into the events that they plan.  The final piece of our role as an Executive Committee is selecting the new members of the Board for our prospective school year, ensuring that we have a mix of creativity and talent that adequately represents the student body.
  • Social Committee: As a committee, we want to put on different events that appeal to the whole student body and get students to intermingle with other students they may not have met. It is our plan to use our events to grow and foster relationships between the different classes here at Providence College in order to help further and maintain the family feel our campus has.
  • Travel Committee: The Board of Programmer’s Travel committee is committed to providing students of the college an alternative to on-campus events and exposes them to all of what the New England area has to offer.  Our goal is to engage students of all grades and backgrounds in cultural and educational hands-on experiences, team building and communication events, and to have a greater appreciation of the city in which they live for the four years during their time at Providence College.
  • Fine Arts Committee: The goal of the Fine Arts committee is to present students with the opportunity to enrich their college experience through cultural events on, and off, campus. We provide a wide range of events in which we aim to engage the entire student body. From performances and shows, to workshops and hands on learning, Fine Arts strives to better the Providence College community and expand their knowledge of the arts.
  • Tuesday Timeout Committee: Tuesday Timeout events are a time to relax with your friends every other Tuesday night. Usually occurring in McPhail’s, students are encouraged to come by, participate in a craft, watch a performance, take part in an activity or grab a snack. Seasonal events are a regular occurrence as students are encouraged to get festive and in the PC spirit!  Traditional events include Paint Your Own Fishbowl and A Christmas A-Cappella show.
  • Film Committee: Are you a movie buff?! Do you love indulging in a night at the movies and an over sized bucket of buttery popcorn? How about just a relaxing night in with your friends? Okay if all of these things still don’t appeal to you…I’m sure you can’t deny you stop channel surfing every time you see ‘Legally Blonde’ is playing for the 100th time or when TNT has ‘Shawshank Redemption’ playing on repeat. If you can relate to at least one of these things (come on, you can’t deny it) then FILM events are for you!!! The Film committee is dedicated to bringing PC diverse and fun film events that anyone can enjoy. We have everything from trips to the Providence Place Cinema for big movie premieres to our annual outdoor movie to simple movie nights in McPhail’s with great friends and food. Some of our past events have included trips to see the midnight premiere of the last two installments of the Twilight saga, Fall Outdoor Movie showing of ‘Bridesmaids’ during welcome week, A Night at the Oscars in McPhail’s, a Bollywood India Invasion night with a Henna artist, and much more! We also want to hear what YOU want from the BOP FILM committee! What kind of film events would you like to see on campus? Any particular movie you would come to watch? Stop by the BOP Office some time and let us know…because, of course, we plan for you!
  • Entertainment Committee: The goal of the Entertainment committee is to successfully provide concerts that will appeal to the whole student body and will provide an opportunity for students to enjoy and experience the best and most captivating artists on campus. In the past we have had artists such as TimeFlies, Jason Derulo, Jack’s Mannequin, and Avicii. Keep an eye out for the performer we will have this spring!
  • Lecture Committee: We, as a committee, would like to present speakers to campus that students can relate to and hopefully have heard of in some way.  We feel that by attempting to take away the stereotypes of what our college has become known for and balancing it with people who can represent messages regarding what we should strive to be and strive to learn will generate the most success and impact on campus.
  • Weekend Programming Committee: Weekend Programming’s mission is to provide fun and interactive activities for students Friday-Sunday Nights. Some events in the past year include: Cosmic Bowling, Country Night, Pumpkin Fest, Great Gatsby Night, Turkey Bowl, and Christmas Crafts Night. We would like every student at Providence College to feel welcome and interested to coming to late night events. In addition, it is our personal goal that before they go to bed, every student at PC be looking forward to the next weekend. We are always open to new ideas so if you have anything in mind, feel free to contact us!
  • Diversity Committee: The mission of the Diversity committee is to plan events that provide opportunities for students to self-reflect on their own differences, to gain information about other perspectives, and to leave with a better understanding of diversity. We also strive to broaden the cultural perspective of Providence College students and to challenge their presumptions of others in order to strengthen the feeling of community on campus. Some past events include Maki Your Own Sushi, Dr. Michael Fowlin’s “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me” lecture on stereotypes, a martial arts demonstration with Master Wen-Ching Wu, and the Unity Week Photo Contest.
  • Marketing Committee: The marketing committee is responsible for many of the advertising you see daily on campus. We use creative marketing strategies that we hope will reach all of the students on campus. We also aim to start planning marketing events to change the way people perceive the Marketing committee as not simply just advertising. So be sure to look out for future marketing planned events! This website was a joint effort between all of the committees but we initiated and worked through everything to make it possible for students to constantly be on top of what BOP is working on currently. We keep in constant contact with all of the committees to ensure all students are aware of all our amazing events!

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