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African-American Society

The mission of the African American Society is to educate the community on the diversity of the African American culture, its history and to bring ethnic awareness to Providence College.

Asian American Club

The purpose of the Asian American Club is to educate the Providence College community about the diverse and rich traditions of the various Asian cultures represented on campus. The club promotes cultural acceptance among all groups at PC by hosting a series of events, fundraisers and banquets, open for the entertainment of both the campus and the local community.

Circolo Italiano

Circolo Italiano is a diverse group of passionately committed citizens of the world that promote and facilitate the learning of Italy and its culture. The club has a keen interest in exploring Italian culture, values and beliefs.  They meet to discuss, enlighten and share our individual stories and discernments. We are bound by our love for Italy, all of its people, and influenced throughout the world.

Clube Portugues

Clube Português is a student organization dedicated to sharing and celebrating the Portuguese culture with the Providence College community. We encourage all students to become involved and to participate in club events which are designed to explore varying aspects of our Iberian heritage. As a member of the Board of Multicultural Student Affairs (B.M.S.A.), Clube Português also promotes cultural awareness and invites students, faculty, and staff to learn more about our world community.

Fete Française

Fête Française brings French culture to the Providence College campus. We strive to attract students from all backgrounds to discover and enjoy the Francophone world through a number of events, activities and learning experiences throughout the year.

Gaelic Society

The Gaelic Society of Providence College exists to generate and stimulate the interest of the College community in Gaelic culture through social and cultural activities, which shall be in accordance with the mission and goals of Providence College.

Hellenic Student Association

The Hellenic Student Association is a student-run organization that aims to celebrate and explore the Hellenic culture and its traditions.

International Student Organization

The ISO is an organization where students from all over the world come together to share stories, experiences, languages, food and cultures. We educate members in regards to study abroad programs and provide assistance to International Students to flourish in their current studies and future endeavors. ISO welcomes members from all over the world including both international students and non-international students.

Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA)

MESA is PC’s Middle Eastern Student Association. Anyone of Middle Eastern heritage or who has an interest in the Middle East is encouraged to join. The purpose of the club is to promote and celebrate Middle Eastern culture throughout the PC campus. We plan many activities including lectures, coffeehouses, masses and expos.

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)

Amigos Unidos is Providence College’s Latin student organization which celebrates the history and diversity of the many Latin cultures. Our goal is to help the campus become aware of Latin culture through different activities, both on and off campus. Some examples of the activities we hold are the Latino Expo, dinners at local restaurants, Latin Club Nights, dance lessons, family dinners and much more! We are always on the lookout for new members!


S.H.E.P.A.R.D. (Stopping Homophobia, Eliminating Prejudices And Restoring Dignity) is a support group for all members of the LGBTQQIAA* community who choose to become involved.

S.H.E.P.A.R.D. seeks to educate the college community on  issues of sexual orientation. This organization provides a supportive environment in which students can discuss issues of sexual orientation freely and openly.  In keeping with the mission, ideals and values of Providence College, S.H.E.P.A.R.D. is dedicated to fostering a campus environment that encourages the respect for the essential dignity, freedom and equality of every person regardless of sexual orientation.  S.H.E.P.A.R.D. assists all students in feeling secure and included in the Providence College family, and strives to connect with students who identify in ways that have left them experiencing alienation and a lack of safety.  To learn more about S.H.E.P.A.R.D., visit the Dean of Students’ site.

*Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Questioning Intersex Asexual Ally

Students Organized Against Racism (SOAR)

S.O.A.R. stands for Society Organized Against Racism. Our members are diverse in their ethnic and economic backgrounds and future aspirations, but we share the belief that all people deserve respect. We participate in Peace Day, Cultural Week, the Unity Dance Jam, community service projects, and fundraisers. SOAR respects and considers all opinions to be important.

Women Will

Women Will is an organization on campus which focuses on raising awareness of women’s issues. We sponsor the annual Take Back The Night rally, as well as other events for Providence College. Women Will is open to all students, male or female.


Please note – this is an informational listing and an ever-changing work in progress.  Please contact the Office of Student Activities & Cultural Programming for more information on any of these clubs/organizations.