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Board of Multicultural Student Affairs

The Board of Multicultural Student Affairs at Providence College is a student-based organization that represents all of the cultural societies on campus. The individual clubs, and the B.M.S.A. as a whole, encourage all students to share in each other’s rich cultural backgrounds in a manner that is educational and respectful, yet fun and stimulating. In addition, the B.M.S.A. assists the cultural societies in their day-to-day functions and also helps to coordinate and promote club events.  To learn more about B.M.S.A., contact their advisor, Maggie Valton, Assistant Director of Student Activities & Cultural Programming at

Board of Programmers

The Board of Programmers is a student- run organization that plans a majority of the events at Providence College. We are made up of ten committees and an executive board, each geared toward planning a variety of events to meet every student’s interests. Committees include entertainment, fine arts, travel, social, etc. The Board of Programmers’ goal is to enrich your immersion in the PC community by bringing you the most fun and diverse events to make the most of your four years at Providence College.   Visit BOP’s information page to learn more.

Intramural Athletic Board

The Intramural Athletic Board (I.A.B.) consists of students dedicated to organizing and overseeing the general flow of intramural sporting activities. The members of IAB work to create a competitive, fun, and engaging atmosphere for all students who want to continue their athletic careers into college without the commitment of Division 1 or club sports. With over half of the student population at PC participating in intramurals, the goal of our club is to continue creating an environment for students to enjoy playing recreational sports while also experiencing friendly competition. We work to foster our student body’s athletic passions on and off the playing field.  To learn more about the intramural programs at PC, visit the Office of Recreational Sports’ site.

Student Congress

The Student Congress is made up of an executive board, class officers, appointed committee chairs, and general committee positions that are open to all PC students. The organization strives to represent the various needs of the student body by engaging in debate / discussion of critical issues on campus, enacting legislation and recommendations to the administration, and planning class events. Student Congress is an effective mode of communication between the student body and the rest of the Providence College community.  To learn more about Student Congress, visit the Dean of Students’ site.

Please note – this is an informational listing and an ever-changing work in progress.  Please contact the Office of Student Activities & Cultural Programming for more information on any of these clubs/organizations.